The savoury recipe of Chorizo is a famous Mexican ingredient that originated in Spain. Most people in the USA love eating it as a filling for tacos. However, there is a variety of these kinds of sausages. You have smokey cured Chorizo of Spain to crumbly Mexican type. You have, again, grilled and herbaceous Chorizo forms of South America and many more to explore if you want to dig into the world of chorizos.

Know about the 5 things when preparing a recipe for Como Hacer Chorizo Mexicano:

It’s Pork Meat Inside

Chorizo is an extensively seasoned grounded or chopped porkmeat. It is a prominent Spanish and chorizo mexicano recetas. You can prepare Chorizo with almost any type of fatty meat, but pork is the most common. The Spanish people use smoked meat, while Mexicans use uncooked or raw meat in preparing the sausages. But anyway, you need to cook it before the time of consumption.


Mexican receta de chorizo is a combined seasoning of chile peppers and vinegar. The Spanish type consists of pimenton (A Spanish chile of hot or sweet taste) and garlic. It refers to the deep reddish brick colour and smokey aroma. A deeply smoked authentic Spanish chorizo is unique, but nothing beats the spicy and nicely greased Chorizo for a taco.

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Discard The Outer Coating Before Cooking

As a beginner cook, you must know that the outer casting of Chorizo is removable. So as you know, como preparar chorizo, you need to remove the casting every time before you cook.

Chorizo Survives For At Least Two Weeks

What is the shelf life of Chorizo? Practically, you can keep Chorizo in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks after you slice it. So try to consume it within a fortnight before it gets worse.

High-Calorie Food

Along with the deliciousness of Chorizo, it is high calorie, high sodium and fatty food. However, its low carbs make it suitable for the ketogenic diet for health-conscious people. Are you curious to get more recipes? Then get all types of guided recipes in La Receta Facil if you want to be a pro cook.