The human body has 60% water, but you lose nutrients daily. And when you don’t replenish the loss by drinking eight glasses every day, you might be dehydrated. But what must you do when you don’t like drinking plain water? When you are one of those who can’t drink water, consider drinking premium mineral water.

Sparkling or carbonated water is made by dissolving carbon dioxide in still water. You enjoy a refreshing beverage when you drink filtered water with carbonation. You can get the healthy benefits of drinking sparkling water. Besides being sugar-free, plain sparkling water will give you many health benefits.

Keeps you hydrated

Some people think drinking sparkling water can dehydrate you, but it is invalid. Drinking sparkling water gives you the same benefits as plain water. It has more health benefits when sparkling water is filtered. Filtered water helps to remove organic compounds, harmful chemicals, and contaminants. It helps to ensure the water you are drinking is healthy and clean. By the next time you are thirsty, you can try to have filtered carbonated water from a sparkling water machine.

Helps your digestion

Drinking sparkling water helps tame your problem when you suffer from indigestion or an upset stomach. Remember when you were a child, your parents gave you a lemon-lime soda when you experienced a stomach bug? Is it because they knew something about calming your nausea? But sparkling water with sugar provides the best stomach benefits that you can get.

It makes you feel full.

You can see the tiny carbonation bubbles in a glass of sparkling water when you like to control your weight or lose an extra pound. The carbon dioxide in sparkling water allows the fizzy bubbles to fill your stomach. It makes you think that your brain is entire, which means you will eat less. The fizz enhances the gastric activity that helps you think you are full.

Increase productivity

When you feel tired in the afternoon, think about installing a sparkling water dispenser in the office. Mild dehydration during work will impact your productivity. It is because your brain will not work without replenishing your lost water.

Good heart health

The benefit of drinking carbonated water is it helps to increase your heart health. Initial research shows it is promising and measured the effect on cholesterol levels. It shows it helps to lower your blood sugar levels, inflammatory markers, and bad cholesterol.

Being hydrated will allow you to do your best physically and mentally. A well-hydrated body will have less oxidative stress that happens when you are working out. Even the slightest bit of dehydration can significantly impact your mood and concentration. It helps you to avoid experiencing any headaches, and it allows it to prevent happening in your body.