There are more factors to consider when deciding what type of portafilter to use in your espresso machine than just diameter matching and basket size selection. One item that has gained popularity among professional and home baristas is the bottomless portafilter, sometimes known as the naked portafilter. The decision to buy between a bottomless portafilter and a regular one depends on your personal preference and your specific goals for your coffee setup.

This article discusses bottomless and regular portafilter, their differences, and which one we believe is better. Let’s get started.

What is a bottomless and regular portafilter?

When a portafilter’s bottom is exposed, it is said to be “bottomless”. A regular portafilter can be altered, or buy a bottomless portafilter already manufactured. An open bottomless portafilter, often known as a “naked” portafilter, shows the basket’s bottom. When the basket isn’t attached, all that’s visible is a solid metal ring with a handle. When pulling a shot, the espresso should pass through the puck and collect into a straight and centered column and drop directly from the basket into the serving dish.

On a regular portafilter, the espresso can pour into the cup through spouts in the solid bottom surrounding the basket’s bottom.

Differences between regular and bottomless portafilter


Espresso does not pour straight into the cup when using a regular portafilter. Before it seeps through the single or double spouts, it must drip on the bottom of the portafilter.

As the name implies, a bottomless portafilter lacks both a bottom and a spout. You can view the espresso as it drips from the basket’s screen into your cup once it is attached to the machine. Some know it is a “naked” portafilter since it exposes what the other model conceals.

Crema and taste

Some baristas assert that a bottomless portafilter produces crema that is thicker and has a richer flavor than one that is spouted. They contend that a small portion of the crema invariably adheres to the metal spout, leaving less for your shot. In addition, a cooler crema will be dropped from the spout, which will sink into the cup more quickly than usual.

Cleaning and maintenance

A portafilter is challenging to clean. To clean every crevice, you must first unscrew the spout. After that, you’ll need to scrape far enough from the bottom to eliminate all the leftover coffee.

A regular Portafilter can be challenging to clean. To remove the dried-on stains after a few weeks, you’ll need to dip your portafilter into a special cleaning solution. After you’re done, make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove all the sticky cleaning solution.

The bottomless portafilter just like knock box, is significantly easier to clean because it has a lower surface area. After each use, simply flush them with water to ensure your safety.

Which one is better?

A bottomless portafilter is a terrific addition to your equipment, whether you’re trying to push the limits of your espresso or just like watching that heavenly golden liquid pool in your favorite cup. One more opportunity to appreciate the art of brewing espresso or switch up your daily ritual is through the aesthetic it offers. Bottomless portafilters as well as large coffee filter papers provide beginner and seasoned baristas with invaluable information about their technique, which is impossible with a regular portafilter.