Whether you already run a successful bakery or you are just starting, chances are you’re constantly looking for ways to bring in more customers and boost sales at your bakery.

A bakery is a very popular establishment in the food industry and for a good reason. It is a place where you can purchase delicious baked goods, desserts and pastries that are still warm and fresh from the oven.

From savoury muffins and crusty loaves to sweet treats, nothing beats the smell of fresh-baked goods in the morning.

Or any time of the day for that matter.

With so much love for baked treats and fresh bread, there can be numerous bakeries in one area all competing for the same customers.

This means bakery owners need to set themselves apart and come up with unique and creative ways to get more customers in their doors to boost sales at their bakery.

Below are some promotion ideas for your bakery and tips to boost sales at your bakery.

Have Seasonal Products

From heart-shaped bread on Valentines Day to Christmas cakes or hot cross buns, seasonal products are a great way to boost sales in your bakery.

Your options are endless and only limited by your creativity. You can also use awareness days and charitable causes to create seasonal products. For example, the month of October is breast cancer awareness month, during this month you can bake and decorate an array of pink baked goods and encourage sales with the promise of a portion of the proceeds going to the charity.

In addition to having seasonal products, another great way to encourage sales and promote a certain product is by having a product of the day, week or month. Get creative with your display, hand out samples and offer a discount. Creating a buzz around a product is the perfect way to encourage people to try the baked goods and boost sales at your bakery.

Hand Out Free Samples To Customers

Handing out samples to customers is a great way to up-sell and promote a certain product.

This can be ideal if you launch a new product or notice one of your products is not selling as good as others. Everybody likes free things, especially food, and samples are a great way to encourage customers to try your different products and potentially buy more bakery items.

Having samples is also a great way to make use of any products that you may have not been able to sell, but are completely edible. For example, if you iced something when it was too hot or damaged your cake decoration, you can slice it up and offer free samples.

Bakery Bundles And Packages

Everybody loves a discount and offering bundles and package deals is a great way to encourage customers to spend more.

Some simple bundle and package ideas include:

  • Buy five rolls get the sixth free
  • Discount for a loaf and six rolls combo
  • Discount on four loaves of bread
  • A bakers’ dozen, buy 12 bakery items and get the third free
  • Buy five hot cross buns get the sixth free

As a bakery owner, creating awareness about your business through social media and email campaigns is another important step in promoting your company, attracting new customers in boosting sales.