We have all kinds of food cravings throughout the day. There are days when we like to eat comforting food like fish and chips. Sometimes we wish to dive into different kinds of cheesecake. Do you know which dish is eternally delectable? There’s just one word – PIZZA. 

Pizzas are cheesy, comforting, salty, sweet (depends on the kind of pizza you are ordering), and tasty. 

Pizzas make you want to stay home, watch all kinds of rom-com movies, and lay like vegetables through the day. 

Here’s the moment of truth – what kind of pizza and starters should you order on a Sunday? This article will highlight the best kind of pizza you can order. We are going to talk about toppings, crusts, and more. 

Let’s dive in! 

Pepperoni Pizza always Wins

Pepperoni pizza can never get old or boring. The porky pizza is fatty, juicy, cheesy, and has all kinds of flavor. When you take a bite, you feel you have been transported to another world altogether. It tastes supremely tasty any time of the day. You can enjoy it with a sweet drink like cola or soda. 

Pepperoni and cheese are like a match made in heaven, so you might as well want to order one this weekend. 

Veggie Delight Pizza 

Hey pizza lover! Vegetarians can enjoy a pizza with all kinds of veggies and cheese. Top it up with some chilly flakes and oregano. Some like it hot so feel free to add more chilly flakes. 

Don’t just settle – you can order some fries, cola, soda, and some onion rings with it. Pizza restaurant Double Pizza serves up some of the craziest pizza options along with snacks of all kinds. You can feel free to order as many dishes! 

They have some crazy offers going on, so grab the best deal. 

Are pineapples a good pizza topping? 

A lot of people complain that pineapples aren’t meant to be on pizzas. Wait till you try one! You can order a pizza with a pineapple – it is incredibly delicious. 

If you are in the mood for some fried chicken, feel free to order that as well. Fried chicken is juicy from the inside and crunchy from the outside. 

Summing up 

Looks like we’ve helped you pick the kind of dishes you need to order this Sunday. 

If you are having a party, make sure you add submarine sandwiches, fried chicken, fries, and cookies to the order.