Han’s Chimeak is bringing the joy of Korean dining to the Boise area with our Korean fried chicken and draft beer combination. Although it’s no surprise that Korean dining etiquette and American dining etiquette are different, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were enjoying our food in a Korean friend’s home or a Korean restaurant in the streets of Seol? Read on to learn the basics of dining etiquette!

Always Use Chopsticks to Eat

Even if one is in the middle of eating, there are socially acceptable ways to conduct oneself at the table. It is very important to keep in mind that chopsticks need to be used for each and every meal while eating in Korean culture. Chopsticks should always be held with the right hand and never thrust directly at another person. Chopsticks should be held in the right hand and always trusted in the right hand. When they are not being used, you should put them down on a bowl or plate. It is regarded as very impolite to pass food on from one person’s chopsticks to another person’s chopsticks; rather, it is the norm for each person to have their very own pair of chopsticks. Do not, under any circumstances, lick your chopsticks; this is the last and most important point. This is a terribly rude thing to do to someone else.

Never Leave Your Chopsticks in Your Food

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s considered rude to put your chopsticks in your meal according to Korean eating customs, so keep that in mind. When you aren’t using your chopsticks, set them on the edge of your bowl or plate. Leaving them stuck straight up in your dish of rice has connotations with death in Korean culture. It is also considered courteous to face away from more senior people when eating, to avoid talking with one’s mouth full, and to consume all of the food that has been provided before leaving the table. In addition, if you are given additional food or drink, you should graciously take it and then make a gesture of reciprocity by giving something else in return. This indicates your gratitude as well as your appreciation for their hospitality.

Someone Else Will Pour Your Drink

It is essential to keep in mind the proper Korean dining etiquette while one is eating with Korean acquaintances. Remember that you are not allowed to pour your own drink since this is one of the essential guidelines to follow. Instead, the honor of pouring beverages for everyone else at the table will be bestowed to another individual at the table, often the person who is the oldest among those there. This action conveys to guests seated at the table both respect and gratitude for the host’s hospitality. In addition to that, it gives one a chance to exhibit hospitable behavior by taking care of other people. When you are dining with Koreans, it is important to keep in mind that you should not pour your own drink. Let someone else do it instead!

In addition, while getting anything from another person, it is quite significant in Korean culture to express gratitude by expressing “Thank you.” Doing so demonstrates courtesy and thanks, and it lets others know that you recognize the work that they have put out. In order to show proper etiquette and respect, you should always respond with “Thank you” when someone else fills your glass for you.

Try Your Best To Finish Everything on Your Plate

When eating with Koreans, it is essential to keep in mind that leaving food on your plate after you have finished it is considered to be wasteful. If you can, clear everything off your plate, and if you can’t, at least make sure you don’t leave anything behind. In some circumstances, such as when you are experiencing a sensation of fullness or when there is a significant quantity of food remaining after huge portions, it may be appropriate to leave tiny bits of food without being deemed disrespectful.

It is considered rude to start eating before all of the other people at the table have been given anything to eat. As a general rule, Koreans do not pass dishes around the table; instead, they set the food in the center of the table and let each guest serve themselves. It is normal for all diners to use chopsticks while they are eating, and as a result, it might be beneficial to get some experience using them in advance.

Be Aware Of Your Volume While Eating

When dining according to Korean customs, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should be conscious of how loud you are both when you are eating and when you are drinking. In many different types of social contexts, slurping and belching are regarded to be unpleasant and rude behaviors. In addition, while taking your piece from the dishes, do not take the food by grabbing it straight off the serving plate or bowl; rather, use the spoon or chopsticks that are given for that purpose. It is essential to politely decline any second helpings that are offered to you as a way to show respect for your host. Last but not least, before starting to eat, you should wait until everyone has been served.

Make Sure You Show Respect and Gratitude 

It is imperative that appropriate eating etiquette be observed while one is in Korea. Guests are expected to behave politely and respectfully toward their host at all times. This is the norm rather than the exception. It is usual for the visitor to express gratitude to the host for his or her hospitality before departing once the dinner has been completed. Additionally, as a symbol of respect, you should always use two hands while pouring beverages for other people, with one hand positioned on top of the other hand right below your elbow.


The experience of being familiar with a new culture is really one of a kind. It’s much more awesome to learn how to do it while you’re eating! Even while you won’t be required to demonstrate your newly acquired etiquette abilities at Han’s Chimaek, you may still wow your friends, family, and colleagues with this fascinating information to make your dinner even more enjoyable! Visit Han’s Chimaek the next time you have the hankering to try something new to eat or are simply looking for a place to relax after a long day of work. While you’re there, get some of our Korean fried chicken and a nice draft beer of your choice. Head over to www.hanschimaek.com to see all your choices and learn a little more about our restaurant!