Paper bag is not just a simple bag. It can also be used as a way to market your brand and offer utility to customers. In the 1852, Francis Wolle introduced the first machine to produce the mass-produce paper bags. Since then, there have been many options for commercial paper bag production. 

Most restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores use brown paper food packaging to store food and take-away paper food containers. If you aim for your company logo to be more prominent, white paper bags will work best. You can choose between a brown and white paper bag. They are both made of eco-friendly materials, resistant to tears, and durable.

There are various options on the market for paper bags. Your ultimate goal should be to choose the right size, quality, and handle for your business. Here is the list of types and sizes to think about:

Paper Bag Types

  • S.O.S Bags

SOS stands for Stand-on-shelf bags. They are very similar to Kraft paper bags in terms of design. It is used for lunches, both for school-going children and office workers. These SOS bags are more reliable than kraft paper bags and have a top handle.

These bags are not limited to brown. You can also find many other colors that are an excellent choice for gift packaging and gifting.

These bags are:

  • Made with recycled kraft paper pulp
  • This bag can be used twice as comfortably as similar-sized plastic bags
  • There is no elasticity, but it does have a magical thing called the ‘gusset.
  • It can hold up to five kilos (or about 11 lbs).
  • They also naturally decrease in value.
  • Printable and Customizable
  • GSM can be arranged as per your requirements
  • Has Wet Strength
  • Exterior, Interior, and Twisted Rope/Paper Handles
  • Bakery Bags

These bags are primarily used to store and protect food products. However, they can be coated with Glassline or wax and are available in many sizes and shapes.

They are best used for keeping the actual flavor and freshness of any perishable item. They make a great storage solution for bread, cookies, coffee, and other foods.

These bags are:

  • Very appetizing
  • Made from mixed paper pulp
  • You can store different amounts
  • Printable and customizable
  • GSM required
  • Wet Strength
  • Do marketing in baking
  • Biodegradable in large part

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