To produce a selection of premium, handmade gins, brandies, and liqueurs that accurately represent the home of Bass and Flinders, Distillery launched in 2009 on the Mornington Peninsula. The founders of the distillery have a passion for exploration. The original motivation for the first distiller on the Mornington Peninsula are proud came from a love of traditional brandies handcrafted in France. They set out to develop a quality aged spirit of Ochre brandy, which serves as the quality of Australian brandy by employing many of the same ancient production methods. The Mornington Peninsula’s position in the wine-growing region offered the ideal environment for them to follow their passion.

Bass and Flinders gin distillery offers an excellent range of expertly produced for all gin lovers. It has flavours with juniper and lime undertones to the bolder flavours of cardamom, orange, and local pepper berries. You can experience the fresh, flowery Cerise Gin in the distinctive Australian Angry Ant Gin made from botanicals found in the flora and wildlife in the Australian outback. As the Mornington Peninsula’s first gin distillery, they are committed to producing for the community by using fresh, local, or native ingredients whenever possible to create exceptional spirits.

What are the reasons gin drinking is beneficial?

Gin is an excellent beverage. It is not only universally adored, but it is also well-known to be healthy. Certain people might be surprised to learn that gin has some health advantages—but only when consumed in moderation. Gin was a sort of herbal medicine as early as the Middle Ages. Therefore, it has been the best health tonic for ages.

  • Super Berries

The Latin word for juniper, its main ingredient, also the older English term genever, where the word “gin” comes from. . The conifer family’s juniper berries are tiny, dark purple gems with the best nutritional properties. Gin is categorised as a natural spirit since it contains a wide variety of organic berries, in addition to the juniper berry as its primary flavouring. As they are warming, energizing, and cleaning, juniper berries are bursting with anti-infection properties. For additional health benefits, garnish your next Bass and Flinders with juniper berries.

  • Gin Consumption May Result In Fewer Wrinkles

Instead of using an anti-wrinkle treatment, try Bass and Flinders Gin since juniper berries are rich in antioxidants and help your body’s regenerative cells produce smoother younger-looking skin.

  • A Low-Calorie Spirit

There’s no need to stress too much about your weight. Gin is considered one of the most calorific spirits, with only 97 calories in a shot. The juniper berries work by raising the number of digestive enzymes in your body, which aids with digestion, and less bloating results from this. Additionally, gin can increase metabolism and aid in more effective calorie burning. Therefore, whether you are watching your weight or not and it’s ideal to buy.