The fantastic aspect of the web is that it spreads out knowledge like wildfire. And just like wildfire itself, this info is typically unforeseen, as well as unpredictable.

Beef jerky may appear among those things that cannot hold lots of shocks, it’s just a normal snack, right?


All of us recognize that jerky is lean meat that has been dried, as well as salt, but it is more than that. I bet even the most know-it-all of you will get shocked to find that behind the deliciousness of jerky there is a huge selection of weird and funny tidbits of facts to find.

Do not think of me? Have a look at this list of strange realities you, possibly, did not learn about jerky.


No person is particular about the geographical beginnings of beef jerky, and this is due to the fact that dried-out meat is, perhaps, the oldest kind of food preservation recognized.

As most of us understand, fresh meat decomposes quickly. The requirement to keep food for future usage brings about humanity finding out that drying slant meat, as well as salting, made it last longer. Its intake became, then, hugely preferred, for example, Ancient Egypt ate salty and dried meat massively.


Regardless of sounding English to the ears, the name jerk is far from an Anglo-Saxon word, it has its roots in the Native American language, much like the tasty treat itself.

Jerky is a name evolved from ch’arki, a Quechua term that implies “dried, salted meat.” Quechua was the language talked by several tribes throughout the South American Andes, consisting of the Inca.


Beef jerky is great, however, knowing it’s a favorite of astronauts all over makes it a tad little bit cooler in our eyes.

Meals precede require to be selected meticulously, they need to supply nutrients that are important for basic wellbeing, but they need to additionally occupy a little area, cannot require refrigeration, and must be apt to eat in a zero-gravity environment.

Easy to eat, occupies a little area, as well as packed with nutrients not surprising that astronauts love beef jerky.