We think beef jerky is amongst the best snacks of all time. High in protein, shelf-stable, conveniently portable, a downright tasty, it interests a range of individuals for a variety of reasons. Actually, we are staying in a bit of a jerky renaissance. Despite its expanding appeal, there are a lot of things you might not know regarding this fantastic treat.

Did you recognize

  • Jerky has been around for a long time.
  • The word “jerky” is able to be mapped back to the Quechuan word “ch’ arki.”
  • Native Americans brought jerky along on lengthy trips for protein-rich food.

Beef Jerky is an exceptional source of protein

  • Beef jerky was utilized in the armed forces after World War as a resource of healthy protein for soldiers.
  • Female Health and wellness ranked jerky 1 of 7 Protein Snacks that are able to help you slim down.
  • The Original beef jerky has 40 grams of protein per 2.5-ounce bag, i.e., 16g of Healthy Protein Per 1 Ounce Offering.

A well-traveled snack is Jerky

  • NASA is sending its astronauts over to space with jerky as of 1996.

Jerky, as well as dried meats, are an international cooking phenomenon

  • Dried meat, as well as jerky, can be located around the world from South Africa’s Biltong, Carne Seca in Mexico, Bakkwa in China, Sukuti in Nepal, and Dendeng in Indonesia.

Jerky has even been a celebrity in a movie, well, sort of Dendeng in Indonesia

  • Jerky was seen in the film “Dances with Wolves.” In one scene, Lt. John Dunbar, or Kevin Costner, can be seen offering his wolf friend, 2 Socks, what seems an item of jerky.
  • Beef Jerky reduces in evaluation to 3 to 1
  • The procedure of dehydration can decrease the weight to 1/2-2/3 of the initial weight. For instance, 3 pounds of meat (raw) can reduce to 1 pound.
  • The yield, which goes from larger to smaller, is among the basis jerky can be so pricey, however, so nutritionally thick.

A big organization is the beef jerky

  • The dried-out meat snack group is a $2.5B industry in the United States as well as remains to grow!