If you are a keen chef, there are plenty of meat dishes you can cook this weekend. 

Weekends are meant to be fun and relaxing. Who says cooking can’t be relaxing? You can put on your apron and cook with your beloved spouse or kids. 

Cooking CAN be a fun and relaxing activity for a couple or the whole family! 

What should you cook this weekend? Well, we’ve got a list of names of the dishes you should be preparing. This list includes both meat and seafood dishes. Dive in to find out the names! 

Top Meat & Seafood Dishes You Should Be Cooking 

#1 Shrimp Pad Thai 

Take the Asian route and prepare a yummy Shrimp Pad Thai at home. 

This Thai dish is easy to make and it is packed with flavors. You can use high-quality shrimp or even chicken. Since this post isn’t for vegans, we will stick with meats and seafood. 

Make sure the shrimps you use are of good quality and get the right ingredients to prepare pad Thai. 

#2 Lemon Garlic Salmon Fish Bake 

Get a good cut of Salmon and marinate it with lemon and garlic. You would need to dice some fresh garlic and squeeze some lemon. 

Let the fish get soaked in the juices and bake it in the oven. You can serve creamy mash potatoes or baked potatoes. 

Serve it on a bed of rice to have a wholesome meal. 

It is most certainly a great dish to enjoy! 

#3 Mac and Cheese with bacon 

Yummy! You can prep up some mac and cheese and sprinkle some chopped bacon. Make sure it’s crispy. 

You can get the finest bacon from Papa Earth. 

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They have the best kind of meat. If you’re living in Montreal, this one will ensure you get the finest seafood and meat. 

#4 Chicken Schnitzel 

If fried chicken is your kind of food, then you should make chicken schnitzel. Squeeze some lemon on it to give it a kick. 

It’s the best kind of dish! 

#5 Fish tacos 

You can either shred pork or fry up a battered fish and place it in the middle of a tortilla. Some kidney beans and salsa would taste amazing on this taco. Although fish tacos can be devoured with a little bit of tartar or salsa, you can experiment with the shredded pork tacos. 

Concluding Thoughts

This was such an interesting list of dishes, right? Go ahead and prepare yummy meat and seafood dishes. Make sure you prepare some delicious desserts too. 

Most of the dishes we’ve mentioned are easy-to-make and quite tasty. So, don’t miss it and order fresh meat to prepare all kinds of goodies.