Turkish food on this list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all traditional Turkish dishes, but rather a list of foods popular throughout the country (with some exceptions). Food in Turkey can be described as a mixture of Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

The majority of these dishes have Turkish origins or are flavored with Turkish flavors. Many of these “typical” Turkish foods are popular in neighboring countries as well. Several of these may be worth trying on your upcoming trip to Turkey!


Turkish pretzels are sold in street carts on a daily basis and are a popular breakfast snack for on-the-go people in Turkey. Though they are bland, they are very filling. Despite being inexpensive and dense, simit is typically consumed either for breakfast or throughout the day as a snack.


A Turkish breakfast can’t be complete without menemen. Because I’m not a fan of eggs, I cringe at the idea of an American vegetable omelette. Onions, tomatoes, and peppers are sautéed with the eggs to make a delicious omelette. Toasted bread completes the delicious meal. Therefore. Great.


I ate pide, more commonly known as Turkish pizza, as soon as I arrived in Turkey. This sandwich is made with hearty, slightly thick bread that is topped with spiced minced meat, veggies, and/or cheese. Sometimes it’s wrapped, like a tamale, and sometimes it’s served like an actual pizza. In any case, it’s tasty and cheap. I found it to be the freshest at specialty bakeries, but it is available at most restaurants.


Is baked potato boring to you? Now it’s not! With Kumpir, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had. There are entire stands in Turkey dedicated to producing and consuming these foods. Cheese, butter, and whatever toppings you choose are added to the baked potato. Pizza toppings include sausage, mushrooms, corn, cheese, olives, and more. It’s hard or it’s not. You’ll probably be full afterward.


Mini dumplings or ravioli are called manti in Turkish. Whatever you call it – ravioli, dumplings, whatever – this stuff is good! This pasta dish is stuffed with either meat or vegetables (I tried both a potato and beef version), and then topped with yogurt and spices. This is what I’m all about – fresh, flavorful, and filling! I think it’s a great addition to this Turkey food guide. Ficcin is a great place to try it if you’re in Istanbul.