Fish eggs are a long-standing ingredient in many different types of sushi. Roe is an expensive ingredient that adds a unique flavor to any dish. Sushi is no exception.

The majority of types of roe are quite expensive and highly sought-after by the elite and wealthy. These are the most popular types of fish eggs used in sushi.


Caviar is the common name given to most types of fish eggs. However, this misconception has grown in popularity over the years. Caviar refers to the roe from wild sturgeon, which is a rare species of fish that is native to the Black Sea.

The roe is salty and has a crunchy taste that reminds you of the ocean. Caviar prices have risen dramatically in recent years because the sturgeon is now very rare in its natural waters. This means that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain large quantities of eggs.


This is the roe from the capelin. It is a common type of fish that belongs to the smelt family. Masago can be used for any fish, but it is most commonly associated with the capelin.

These fish are very small and lay tiny orange eggs. They are somewhat similar to another type of roe called tobiko. Masago has a peculiar texture, closer to sand than other caviars. However, it is still a popular choice for sushi.


This type of roe comes from flying fish and is very common in many sushi restaurants . It’s usually served with a dish. Patrons can sprinkle the roe on their food.

This roe is similar to masago and has a bright orange color. Its size is usually less than one milliliter. These roes burst upon being bitten into. However, their popularity stems from their unique flavor which can transform a dish’s taste.


Ikura is the name for the salmon-farmed roe. It is the most commonly consumed fish egg, and it tends to be the biggest.

Traditional Japanese farmers would cure salmon roe in salt vats in order to give it a stronger flavor. However, modern ikura is soaked in soya sauce. It comes with a strong, unmistakable flavor that also offers numerous health benefits.

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