Pizzas have been around for nearly 200 years, and the Italians are regarded as the creators of this tasty dish. Now, a new study has figured out the physics of what makes the Italian pizza such a tasty success. The key for a great pizza, according to this new study, is finding the right conditions to get a well-cooked base and perfectly browned toppings.

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What makes Italian pizzas so special?

Italy is well known as the place where pizzas originated. But within Italy, Naples is considered the birthplace of Italian pizza. The classic Neapolitan pizza is famous for its toasty crust with charred spots, due to the super-hot oven used. The dough is fluffy but also moist and stretchy, all while the toppings are cooked through and piping hot. In Rome, the traditional pizza is made with pretty much the same ingredients and also on a brick oven, but the dough is different.

But making a traditional Italian pizza, whether Roman or Neapolitan, in your home oven has always been a bit of a challenge (and a disappointment) for mere mortals. It seems to be an art that lies only in the skilled hands of pizzaiolo (pizza makers) and their wood-burning brick ovens.

If you are in Ireland and want to eat authentic pizza, discover the best traditional italian pizza in Dublin!

The secret of an authentic Italian pizza

To understand the secrets of a perfect and truly Italian pizza, the secret is to speak with Italians and visiting with their different pizzerias, speaking with pizzaiolo, trying to learn from them the experience of generations.

The secret to make the perfect Italian pizza is in finding a perfect balance between the heat that flows into the base of the pizza from the bricks below and the heat that reaches the toppings.

A pizza is normally cooked for about 2 minutes at a blazing temperature of more than 330°C. But even if your commercial steel oven could reach these searing heats, it simply doesn’t produce the same pizza. The optimal conditions used for baking a pizza in a wood oven simply could not be accomplished in an electric oven with a metallic baking surface. The reason is all about conduction.

At this point the only solution is to go directly to the restaurant! If you are in Ireland, try the best traditional Italian pizza in Dublin!